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Al Roberts and Ken Jillson

Angels Baseball Foundation, Inc

Applied Medical

Art and Kit Spaulding

Assistance League of Laguna Beach

Best Buy Children's Foundation

Bill Blackburn

Brad and Erica Berberian

Brent and Wendy Martini

Carrie and Mike Reynolds

Christine Francis

Danny and Jeri McKenna

Disneyland Resort

Douglas and Lisa Holte

Dr. Tom and Karen Mauro

Draper Family Foundation

Emerald Bay Real Estate

Enterprise Counsel Group

Eric and Becky Wills

Festival of Arts Foundation

First Foundation

Fred Lopez

Frias Entertainment Group Inc

Gallo Corporation

Garcia Family Foundation

Gary and Betsy Jenkins

Hank and Kim Weeks

Hexberg Family Foundation

Impact Marketing Specialists, Inc.

J Duross O'Bryan

Jaffe Family Foundation

Jeremy and Cindy Parness

Jesse and Lucillia Crowe

John and Ana Frias

John and Caren Nootbaar

John and Robin Shanahan

JP Morgan Chase

Keith and Julie Gallo

Keith Swayne

Kirk and Daisy Reidinger

Lexus Pursuit of Potential Dealer

Matching Funds

Linda I. Smith Foundation


MacGillivray Family Foundation

McKenna European Auto Center

Melinda Masson

Michael and Linda Mussallem

Mike and Melinda Kartsonis

Milt Naylor

Newport Lexus

Nick Foles and Tori Moore

Pacific Life Foundation

Peter and Marian Barker

RBC Foundation USA

Roya Cole

Sally and Jay Cohen

Shannon and Sonia North

Southern California Edison

Stanfield Real Estate

Swift Real Estate Partners

The Gross Family Charitable Foundation

Therese Degroot

Tom and Bonnie Abate

Tuttle-Click Automotive Group

Ueberroth Family Foundation

William Gillespie Foundation




American Endowment Foundation

Amii and Steve Schenk

Amos and Kimberly Smith

Amy Connelly

Angels Baseball LP

Anne Callender and Joseph Delaney

Anne Ferreira

Anne McGraw


Avanti Restaurant Solutions

Beau and Brandee Bianchi

Bill and Kathleen Moore

Bill and Sharon Wood

Bill and Tina Dolan

Blake Jung

Bob and Betsy Thagard

Bob and Kirsten Whalen

Bob and Stephanie Mister

Bob and Tracy VanEvery

Brooks Street

Carrie Click

Celeste and Matthew McCarthy

Chris and Kendall Clark

Christopher and Rani Braun

Chrstine Olson

Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company

Coast Hardware

Cody Engle

Cornerstone On Demand

Cox, Castle & Nicholson, LLP

Dan and Jennifer Burge

Dan Martin

Darren Crawford

Dave and Betty Whiting

Dave and Jaynine Warner

Dave and Shelly Carter

Dennis and Carol Berryman

Dennis and Choo Choo Boyer

Dhont Family Foundation

Elaine and Craig Brashier

Ellen Mortimer

Empire Diamond Co.

Frank and Robyn Cardone

Gary and Nancy Picket

Geraldine and John McGrath

Gorjana & Griffin

Holly Kerlslake

Jack and Krista Burns

Jennifer & Craig Farr

Jennifer McCue

Jennifer Merritt

Jill and Bobby Lockart

Jill Barnes-Cornelius

Jim and Diane Rosenberg

Joe and Susan Jahraus

Joe and Tracey Ramirez

Joe Baker

John and Elizabeth Carpino

John and Lisa Mansour

John and Lynne Bernard

John and Tanya Hovanesian

John Campbell Insurance Agency

John Rydstrom

John Schaefer

Julie and Tom Bailey

Julie Milla and Robert Burgher

Kahl Investments

Kari and Ian Hope

Kasey and Brian Fahey

Kavita Reddy and Matt Vella

Kelly and Will Boyd

Kelly Wells

Kenneth and Deborah Munro

Keri and Paulo Barriga

Krista and Casey Griffin

Krista and Frank Arellano

Laguna Beach Properties

Laurie Allen

LBA Realty

Leslie and Tom DeVore

Leslie Lebon

Mac Brown

Mandi Dossin and Etienne Droulez

Mark and Letitia Christy

Mark and Winsom Weeks

Mary Miller

Maryellen and J Douglas Moran

Michael and Cindy Winn

Michael and Jana Miller

Michelle and James Scarcelli

Mitch and Lori Junkins


Molly and Greg Carpenter

Ms. Kathe Madrigal

Nancy Lusk and Mike Smith

Nate Rosenberg and Karen Huber

Nikita Ganatra

Pamela and Tyrrell Estes

Patrick Lehman

Paul and Karen Brower

Paul Laos

Paula and Brad Arnold

Peter and Nicole Anderson

PIMCO Foundation

Realty One Group

Richard Bell

Rick and Lyn Balzer

Rob and Katie Cooper

Robert and Christine Buck

Roberta Margolis

Rochelle and Adam Karr

Ron and Ellen Pickler Harris

Rotary Club of Laguna Beach

Roth Capital Partners

San Diego Gas & Electric

Sandy and Sarita Simmons

Schwab Charitable Fund

Sean Chawla

Soroptimists International of Laguna Beach

Stephen Suer

Stephens, Reidinger & Beller, LLP

Subaru of America Foundation

Tanya and Tim Spangler

Team Laguna Inc

Terry and Kristie Anderson

The Edwards Lifesciences Fund

The Termite Guy

Tim and Lyn Carlyle

Tina and Brian Steincke

Tom and Martha Davis

Tom Bak

Toyota of Orange

Union Bank

Veronica Nice

Walter and Judy Metez

Wells Fargo Charitable Foundation

Wes Hodges


Boys & Girls Clubs of America

City of Aliso Viejo

City of Laguna Beach

Click Family Foundation

Cox Communications, Inc.

Crevier Classic Cars

David and Holly Wilson

David Schwartz Foundation, Inc.

Donnie Crevier and Laurie Kraus

DPR Construction

Greg and Barbara MacGillivray

Jim and Vicki Click

Jon and Karen Jaffe

Kling Family Foundation

Laguna Beach Unified School District

Linda S. Saville

Marisla Foundation

Mindy Gullen

Montage Laguna Beach

Nancy Myers

O.L. Halsell Foundation

Phyllis and David Phillips

Ray and Sandra Wirta

St. Joseph Health System

Theda & Tamblin Clark Smith Family Foundation

Tuttle-Click Automotive

Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

Wilson Automotive Group



A-1 Property Inspections

Adaleen McHale

Adrian and Elaine Kuyper

Adrianne and Lisa Gant

Aileen and Chris Kruidenier

Alan Sanders and Barbara Kreitzer

Alex and Tamara Mendoza

Alexander Alvarez

Alexis Gomez

Alexsandra Montolio-Orellana

Ali and Robin Rounaghi

Alison Wright

Allen Moznett

Allison Ledger

Alonda Hartford

AmazonSmile Foundation

Amnon Kawa and Saowanee Chareewan

Amy Dechary

Amy Goetz

Amy Gordan

Andrea Randle

Andrew and Pamela Horowitz

Andrew and Somer Holstein

Andy and Lyn Turner

Angela Wilson

Angelina Kirkpatrick

Annamarie Reigel

Anne Hackett

Anne Holland

Anne Marie Fortezzo

Anne McInnis

Annemieke Rogers

Annette Wolford

Annika McGraw

Anthony and Diane Stellar

Anthony and Patience Shutts

Antoine Gadpaille

Antoinette Latini

Aram and Alice Tatusian

Arline Esposito

Arnie and Sue Burke

Arthur Lander and Anne Calof

Ashwill Investments

Ayco Charitable Foundation

Bahar Rahnamayi

Bank of America Charitable Foundation - Matching Gifts

Barbara and Ken McMurray

Barbara Crane

Barbara Finley

Barbara J. Hendon

Bart Deboe

Ben Strack

Beverly Barnes

Bill and Donna Bailey

Bill and Theresa O'Hare

Blakely Burns

Blue Water Escrow

BNA Design

Bob and Brigid Canastro

Bob and Connie Sanchis

Bob and Lois Wilson

Bob and Marietta Philpott

Bob Hayes

Bob McCollom

Bobbi Fowlkes


Borella Geology, Inc.

Bradstreet Smith

Brent and Diane Liljestrom

Brett and Terri LeBarts

Brian McCloskey

Brian Ross Adams

Bridget Gallagher

Brittany Brickweg and Matthew Braback

Bru Grill & Market

Bryan and Rachel Milton

Building Inspection Services

Butch and Eileen Chadick

Carita Garcia

Carol and Rolf Engen

Carol Morrison

Carole Lynch

Caroline Neal Guest

Cathryn and Gregory Cramm, DDS

Charlotte and Tracey Sizemore

Chelsea Bolton

Cheryl Mahru

Cheryl Moore

Chris and Lori Tooker

Chris and Richelle Whiting

Chris and Sara Rodriguez

Chris and Shannon Depierro

Chris and Tina Mauro

Chris Horsman

Christina Gellel

Christine Entress

Christine Fugate

Christine M. Devarenne Property

Christopher Moore

Christy Coffey

Christy Koperek

Christy Montez

Cindy Foster

Citizens Business Bank

Clara Lee

Clara Marotto

Clara Morningstar

Claudia Cameron

Clifford and Jennifer Cheng

Co Co Laguna

Coastal Acceptance Corp.

Coastal OC Estates

Coby and Janelle Naess

Cory and Amy Gallagher

Cox Charities


Craig Darian

Craig Whetter

Cummins, Kozak, Gillman & Ellis, Inc.

Curt and Tiffany Ensign

Curtis and Debbie Pickering


Cyndi and Robert Elders

D.J. and Melissa Roller

Dain Blanton

Daksha Luhar

Dan and Judy Daniels

Dana Rice

Daniele Smith

Danielle Renner

Danielle Ruhnau

Danielle Wilson

Darryl and Connie McKibban

Dave and Lori Hart

Dave Dyssegard

Dave Lichtenwaller

Dave MacDonald

David and Joni Loechner

David and Linda Peterson

David and Michelle Fortezzo

David and Suzanne Carroll

David Cler and Linda Grossman

David Duttenhofer

David Hand

Dawn Hunnicutt

Dawson Cole Fine Art

Debbi Faber

Debbie Tran

Deborah Suess

Debra Pew

Debra Sands

Del's Upholstery Co., Inc.

Denise Delatorre

Denise Flinn

Denise Motley

Dennis Carruth

Dennis Dahle

Dennis Fritchman

Dennis Michael Boyer

Derek Oatway

Derek Stewart

Diane and Cort Kloke

Diane and Peter Riegler

Diane Rider

Dod and Mary Bateman

DollarDoc Inc.

Donald and Jennifer Lawler

Donald and Jette Laws

Dorothy and Bob Topp

Doug and Gail Krause

Dr. Dave Norton, DDS

Dr. Jane L. Frederick

Dr. Jane McMahon

Dr. Mark Judy

Drew and Yvonne De Mentijo

Duggan and Deborah Neville

Dwight and Holly Robinson

E. Scott and Andrea Reckard

Ebell Club of Laguna Beach

Ed and Juanita Slymen

Ed Matillo

Elaine and John Pong

Elizabeth Healy

Elizabeth Montgomery

Elizabeth Phillips

Elizabeth R. Gapp

Elizabeth Smith

Ellie Dominguez


Emily Bisogno

Emily Corrigan

Emily Gomez

En Pointe Technologies

Environmental Treatment

Eric and Laurie Kirkland

Erik Kerr

Erin and Lee Decker

Erwan and Lourdes DeQuillen


Eva Wilkinson

Everett and Mary Blanton

Fedric H. Rubel Jewelers

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

First Class Glass

Frank and Cherry Boudreaux

Frank and Geniveva Dubey

Frank Joseph

Frank Matsuyama

Frank Romano

Fred and Laura Tuerck

Frontline Services

Gap Foundation Gift Match Program

Garrett and Linda Pack

Gary and Catherine Daichendt

Gary and Kelly Bridge

Gary and Sally Sartor

Gary Boisen

Gary Kreitz, CPA and Joyce Singman

Gay Sutherland

Gayle Milling

George and Jodi Saad

George and Sharon Orff

George F.J. Hill Insurance Agency, Inc.

George Pagano

Gerald Brisson

Gila Wdowinski

Gilbert and Judy Thibault

Gina Dorati

Gina Householder

Glenn Quinto

Gloria and Mark Fine

Gloria Fine

Gloria Mitchell

Golden West Moving, Inc.

Grace LeRoy

Greg and Lisa Tooley

Greg and Samantha Washer

Gregory and Candace Bisconte

Gretchen Miller

Gretchen Westgaard

Guardian Escrow, Inc.

Guys of Leisure

H. Tran and K. Phalanusondhi

Harry and Sue Bithell

Harry Berberian

Harry F Larson

Hayley McLellan

Heather and Ryan Carter

Hector Calderon

Holly Fredensburg

Homestead Escrow

Howard and Nancy Pink

Howard and Sandy Fishbein

Hugh and Kathleen Blue

Information Managment Resources, Inc.

Inge Goericke Bunn

Insun Ruzylo

Interiors Within Reach

Invitation to Heal

Irene Casson-Gilbert

Ishani Dhillon

ISU Dunlap Insurance, LLC.

J.J. Gasparotti

Jake and Kathy Zechmeister

James and Gloria Pacelli

James and Holly Allan

James and Jennifer Juarez





James Dunlop

James Schwegman

Jan Larnard

Jana Williams

Jane Golden

Janet Miedema

Janice Johnson

Janice Marion

Jason and Chrissy De Bretteville

Jason and Danielle West

Jason Walker

Jatain Foundation

Javier Sosa, Sr.

Javier's Cantina

Jay and Christine Francis

Jay and Cynthia Frerking

Jay and Gertrud Andrus

Jay Jamshasb

Jeanne Lojacono

Jeff and Angela Wilson

Jeff and Gayden Tiss

Jeff and Karla Elder

Jeff and Laurie Andrews

Jeff and Tiffany Moran

Jeff Benedick and Duane Vajgrt, MD

Jeff Pierce

Jeffrey and Linda Jahraus

Jeffrey and Maria Christina Ruby

Jeffrey and Melissa Cavanaugh

Jeffrey Loge

Jeffrey Redeker

Jen Hoy

Jen Stomp

Jenn Mauro

Jennifer and Joe John Duran

Jennifer Lundblad

Jennifer Mullin

Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography

Jerome and Ilene F. Schur

Jerry and Renee Hornbeak

Jerry Bieser

Jim Chudzicki

Jim and Carolyn Lyons

Jim and Cindy Fletcher

Jim and Janet Segner

Jim and Lorraine Marks

Jim and Rosana Johnson

Jim and Tookie Boka

Jim Blackburn

Jim Smith

Jim Tynan

Jimmy & Miriam Azadian

Joan and Al McLean

John and Carole Reynolds

John and Katy Ugrin

John and Laurie Thrane

John and Linda Dorr

John and Rosalie Irish

John and Stacy Gavin

John and Tami Burns

John Nunez and Cesilie Klaeboe

John Veytia

Jolene Fuentes

Jon and Lisa Margolis

Jonathan and Megann Robertson

Joseph Smith and Timora Abarbanel

Josh Meador

Joy and Shilo Avedesian

Joy Field

Jules and Laurie Marine

Jullian and Melanie Freeman

Julie and Dan Hile

Julie Williamson

Just Give

Kaira and Harley Rouda

Kara Lee Poovey

Karen Card

Karen Luz

Karen McCulley

Karen Tano

Karie Tiscia

Karina Renfro

Karla Neal

Kathi LeVau

Kathleen Moore

Kathleen C. Brown

Kathleen Gabel

Kathleen Harkins

Kathleen Schaefer

Kathryn Langston

Kathy and John Marconi

Kathy Browning

Kathy Holl

Kathy Vick

Katie and Mike Houlahan

Katresha Moskios

Kaufman Steinberg LLP

Kay and Steve Munn

Kay Ostensen

Kayla Zeigler

Kelley Hoffman

Kelley Holt

Kelly and Jim Mazzo

Kelly and Michelle Boyd

Kelly and Sean Tenny

Kelly Anthony

Ken Williams

Kendall A. Mosley

Kenneth and Ann Harris

Kenneth and Jan Kaplan

Kent Russell

Kerry Cassill

Kevin and Lisa McDennon

Kevin and Michelle Struss

Kevin and Rita Carey

Kim and Doug Brickell

Kimberly Rief

Kirsten Prosser

Kiwanis Club of Lake Forest Foundation Account

Kristine Arrivillaga


Kurt and Dawn Knepper

La Bella Salon

Laguna Beach Animal Hospital

Laguna Beach Tote Company

Laguna Craft Guild

Laguna Legal

Lance Lauderdale

Larry and Janet Anderson

Larry and Julie Pendleton

Larry McLane

Laurie Alter

Laurie Marine

Lee Takao and Sumiko Danbara

Leif Hanson

Leigh and Bill Harwell

Lelia Crevier

Leonard Newman

Les Jenison

Lester Savit

Libby Shackford

Linda and Tony Bonnici

Linda Humes

Linda Mayer and Edward Merrilees

Linda Senigaglia

Linda Supowitz

Lindsey Lanni

Lisa Farber

Lissa Strong

Liz Romm

Liz Shivel

Logan Bolwar

Lonnie Anderson

Louise Litwack

Lucas Dyer

Lynn and Basil Shardlow

Lynn Csernotta

Lynne Suzanski

Malea Anderson

Mara and Ron Paul

Marc and Caroline Bruderer

Marc and Ellie Ortiz

Marcia French

Marcia Sanserino

Margaret Warder and Steve Johnson

Marget Rooney

Maria and Alex Deltoro

Maria Hainey

Maria Luisa Loesch

Marine Family Trust

Marion and David Duffy

Marion Jacobs

Mark A. Simon

Mark and Debbie Crantz

Mark and Michelle Foley

Mark Murphy

Mark Petrick

Mark Porterfield

Marshall and Joyce Linn

Martha Daniel

Marty Babbington

Mary Ann Azzolina

Mary Judy

Mary Margolis

Maya Rasic

Meghan MacGillivray and Louis Weil

Meghan Sickner

Melinda Ruiz

Melissa D'Amato

Melissa Margaretis

Melissa Reed

Melissa Ricker

Melissa Rohani

Merrill Lynch-Bank of America Corporation

Michael and Barbara Roman

Michael and Hilary Gilles

Michael and Kelsey Irvin

Michael Caruso

Michael Cummings, M.D.

Michael Gamerl

Michael J. Pinto

Michele Kremer

Michelle Adams

Michelle Mitchell

Michelle Ngo

Mike and Dana Terjung

Mike and Ellen Mahoney

Mike and Nancy Brown

Mike Munzing



Mike Roberts

Milt and Adrienne Garfield

Mindy Curtis

Mindy Thigpen

Morjgan Razavi-Cox

Mountain Pacific, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Ante Dapic

Mr. & Mrs. Don Chapman

Mr. & Mrs. John Shafer

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Hansen

Mr. and Mrs. Kemp Richardson

Mr. James Irvine

Ms. Mary Rubenstein

Ms. Michelle O'Haren

Nancy and Robert Jackson

Nancy Chamberlain

Nancy Clark

Nick Watt

Nicole De Pasquale

Nicole Halpern

Nicole Maroutsos

Nicolle Taylor

Nikki McGeough

Noel Johnson

Noel Teichman

Noma Bates

OC Generations V

Orange County United Way

P.G. and S. Silverman

Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Pam Shaffer

Parisa Zarbafian

Partick and Tom Stanton

Patricia Anderson

Patricia Callaghan

Patricia Gregory

Patricia Lenahan

Patricia Short

Patrick and Alicia Tracy

Paul and Vicky Bock

Paul Brinkman

Paul Steinberg

Paul Swim

Paula Bray

Paula Myers

Penny Patillo-Svenson

Pete and Linda Snetsinger

Peter and Marta Herzog

Peter and Patricia Collisson

Peter Weston

Phillip Devarenne, Jr.

Pickford Realty Cares

Piero Wemyss

R.M. and J.S. Neufeld

Rachel Martinez

Raffaela and Corky Lunsford

Randy Buck

Randy Matsuyama

Raymond Briggs

Rebecca Alexis

Revco Solar Engineering Inc.

Rich and Andra Digre

Richard Ahron

Richard and Katie Larson

Richard and Lauren Packard

Richard and Teresa Hamm

Richard and Tracey Leyvas

Richard Hernandez

Richard Vogel

Richmont Corporation

Rick and Kitty Malcom

Rick and Margaret Reedy

Rick and Monica Rothhaas

Rick and Sue Russell

Rick Talt

Roadtrip Nation

Rob and Julie Dearmon

Rob and Robin Zur Schmiede

Robert and Karen Gilbert

Robert and Krista Shaw

Robert and Ruby Dunek

Robert and Susan Neely

Robert and Vicki Borthwick

Robert Fox

Robert Laubach

Robert Searles

Rod and Nancy Daley

Rodney and Josette Hatter

Roger and Helen Abramson

Roger and Julia Holtz

Roger and Mary Alderson

Roger Skillman

Russell and Lisa Garner

Ruth and Regis Dugue

Ryan Guomen and Lauren Jacobson

Ryan Harmon

Sandpiper Lounge

Sandra Millard

Sandy Vargas

Sara Tallerico

Sarah Besso

Sarah Dvorak

Sarah McCartan

Scot and Lynn Gregory

Scott and Catherine Glass

Scott and Cynthia Swensen

Scott and Marci Mednick

Scott and Sarah Wade

Scott and Susan Booth

Scott Gladstone and Nikki Norman

Scott Woodard

Sean and Leanne Sheward

Sean and Sandra Mahoney

Shannon Shaffer

Shaun and Katie MacGillivray

Shawn Green

Sheila Smith

Shel and Sandra Nankin

Shelly Jackley

Shelly Lawson

Sherry Montgomery

Shirley and Swift Torrance

Sidney and Nancy Petersen

Sidney Mendelsohn, Jr.

Silvana Sarkis

Simone Moore

Skip and Tracy Streets

Spencer Harrell

Stacy Colledge

Stacy Holder

Stanaland Real Estate

Stanley Schuster

State Street Foundation

Stephanie & Brad Barnes

Steve and Kathi Blythe

Steve and Wendy Brown

Steve Dexter

Steve Longo

Stewart and Franch Imagawa

Structures A- Consulting Company, Inc.

Stu News

Sue and Paul Lowden

Surfside Smoke Shop

Suriya and Brain Mastroberti

Surterre Properties

Susan and Steven Pierce

Susan Creighton

Susan Lewis

Susan Turek

T2 Development, LLC

Taline Demirjian

Tammy and Marcus Skenderian

Tania and Steve Cassill

Taymor Kamrany and Sahar Sadozi

Ted and Linda Fouts

Teresa Kellogg

Terri  Tolmack and Kevin Pointer

Terry Klein

Terry Meshon

The Daniel and Francine Scinto Foundation

The Escrow Source

The Petersen Family Foundation

The Related Companies of California

The Roberta Freeman Cox Charitable Foundation

The Showroom by TAG

The Skenderian Group

The Steven R. Heit Revocable Living Trust

The Well Fitness

Theresa Brandriff

Therese Conte

Tim and Lisa Black

Tina and Dave Tiezzi

Tina Miserendino

Todd and Joselyn Miller

Todd Burnight

Tom and Christy Addis

Tom and Sally McKenna

Tom Bak

Tom Fashing

Tony's Treehouse

Tracy Forester


United Capital Financial Advisers LLC

United Way of Greater Los Angeles

Vanessa Turner

Vida and Greg Knapp

Vikki Murphy

Virginia Templeton

Vivian Lum

W. Frank Brandt

Wake Up Beautiful

Wallace and Nancy Wethe

Wally Shao Insurance Agency Inc.

Wayne and Patricia Cody

Will Souve

Will Wittman

William and Barbara Guettler

William and Lis Sines

William Sommerville

William Steiner

Wilson and Jessie Wong

Wolf Hanke

Your Cause Paying Agent for Corporate Giving Program

Zachary and Christina Ivanhoe

Zero Defects Fabrications Consultants





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