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Anji Aron

Applied Medical

Art and Kit Spaulding

Assistance League of Laguna

BEST-VIP Chauffeured Worldwide

Bob and Kirsten Whalen

Brad and Erica Berberian

Carrie and Mike Reynolds

Christy Blush

Cox Communications, Inc.

Dan and Jenifer Burge

Dan and Vivian Hyman

David and Lynn Robinson

Disneyland Resort

Donald Clurman

Draper Family Foundation

Edison International

Enterprise Counsel Group


Festival of Arts Foundation

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Gallo Corporation

Garcia Family Foundation

Gary and Betsy Jenkins

Greg and Barbara MacGillivray

Impact Marketing Specialists, Inc.

Jaffe Family Foundation

Joe and Jane Hanauer

Jon and Karen Jaffe

Keith and Julie Gallo

Keith Swayne

Keri Ueberroth and Riley Thomas

Lexus Pursuit of Potential Dealer Matching Funds

Linda I. Smith Foundation

Linda S. Saville

MacGillivary Family Foundation

Michelle Shoultes

Milt and Barbi Naylor

Montage Laguna Beach

Newport Lexus

Peter and Marian Barker

Phyllis and David Phillips

Priscilla and Ranney Draper

Ray and Beverly Redfern

Redfern Gallery

Schwab Charitable Fund

Sheila Peterson

State Street Employee Giving Campaign

Steve and Barbara Layton

Suriya and Brain Mastroberti

Swift Real Estate Partners

The Edwards Lifesciences Fund

Ueberroth Family Foundation

Union Bank - Laguna Beach

Valued Housing and Barker Management

Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

Wells Fargo Charitable Foundation

William and Mary Ross Foundation

William Gillespie Foundation



Aileen and Chris Kruidenier

Al Roberts and Ken Jillson

Ali and Robin Rounaghi

Allen Family Foundation

Amos and Kimberly Smith

Andrew and Angela Moore

Andrew Herrick

Arbonne Charitable Foundation

Barry and Melanie Zwillinger

Beth and Lucas Saxe

Beth Maclean

Bill and Robert Smolka

Bill and Sharon Wood

Bill and Theresa O'Hare

Bill Blackburn

Bob and Christine Cuevas

Bob and Mary Miller

Brent and Shelia Jamison-Brushard

California Sporting Goods Association

Celeste and Matthew McCarthy

Charles Schwab

Christopher and Rani Braun

Chuck and Susan Vancleve

Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company

Clara Lee

Cox, Castle & Nicholson, LLP

Crevier BMW

D.J. and Melissa Roller

Dave and Jaynine Warner

David and Francoise Levine

David Sporn

Debra Ann Nickel

Dhont Family Foundation

Dr. Mary O'Toole

Dr. Tom Mauro

Ed and Janie Yashar

Elaine and Craig Brashier

Elizabeth Healy

Empire Diamond Co.

Eric and Becky Wills

Gary Kreitz, CPA

Go Rentals


Hobie Sports

J Duross O Bryan

Javier Sosa, Sr.

Jill and Bobby Lockhart

Joe Baker

John and Caren Nootbaar

John and Elizabeth Carpino

John Campbell

Johnathan Winslow

Joy and Shilo Avedesian

JP Morgan Chase - Phoenix

Keri and Paulo Barriga

Kevin and Cynthia Gunter

Kirk and Daisy Reidinger

Kling Family Foundation

Laguna Beach Rotary Club Foundation

Laguna Board of Realtors Charitable Assistance

Laura Tarbox

Leslie Lebon

Mark and Jennifer Mani

Mark and Mel Murray

Mark and Winsom Weeks

Mark Porterfield and Steve Chadima

Mary Williams and Pat Gallis

Mia Pirazzi

Michael and Jana Miller

Mindy Gullen

Molly and Greg Carpenter

Morris and Stephany Skenderian

Nancy Lusk and Mike Smith

Neil Brandom


Pamela and Tyrrell Estes

Patricia Wellman

Paul Laos

Paula and Brad Arnold

Peter and Nicole Anderson

Randy and Monique Van Patten

Richard and Katie Larson

Rick and Kitty Malcom

Rick and Lyn Balzer

Rick Guerrero

Rob and Katie Cooper

Rob Friedman

Ryan and Shannon Sauers

Ryan and Shannon Sauers

San Diego Gas & Electric

SFS Constructors & Builders, INC.

Shaheen Sheik Sadhal

Shelly Jackley

Sonia and Shannon North

Soroptimist International of Saddleback Valley

Soroptimists International of Laguna BeachState Street Investment Manager Solutions

Stephens, Reidinger & Beller, LLP

Steve and Marisa Robbins

Steven Oh

T2 Development, LLC

Terri Trinidad

Terry and Kristie Anderson

The Daniel and Francine Scinto Foundation

Thuy Nguyen Evans

Tina and Brian Steincke

Tom and Bonnie Abate

Tom and Martha Davis

Vanguard Charitables

Vicki Anderson

Vicki Capizzi


Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Brent and Wendy Martini

City of Aliso Viejo

City of Laguna Beach

Click Family Foundation

David and Holly Wilson

Edward Padilla

Hexberg Family Foundation

John and Robin Shanahan

Laguna Beach Community Foundation

Laguna Beach Unified School District

Donnie Crevier and Laurie Kraus

Massen Greene Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Click

Nancy Myers

Orange County Community Foundation

Philo and Diane Smith

Ray and Sandra Wirta

Roger and Helen Abramson

St. Joseph Health

The Atlantic Group

Theda & Tamblin Clark Smith Family Foundation

Tuttle-Click Automotive Group

Wilson Automotive Group



A & T H Trust, UTD 6-17-87

Acts of Mercy Foundation

Adaleen McHale

Adam and Rochelle Karr

Adam and Sherry Nick

Adrian and Elaine Kuyper

Aimee Tabor

Aimee Van Nienlande

Al and Linda Ward

Alan Sanders and Barbara Kreitzer

Albert Guida

Alberto Trevino

Alex and Tamara Mendoza

Alexander Alvarez

Alexander and Charlotte Masarik

Ali and Robin Ronaughi

American Endownment Foundation

Amii and Steve Schenk

Amy Graboske

Andrew Bunn

Andrew Greene

Andy and Lyn Turner

Angel and Lisa Varela

Angela Fasbender

Angela Wilson

Angelina Kirkpatrick

Anne and Brian Calbeck

Anne McGraw

Anne McInnis

Annemieke Rogers

Annette Henry

Annika McGraw

Anthony and Linda Bonncici

Antoinette Latini

Aram and Alice Tatusian

Argaux LLC

Arlan and Jane Murata

Arlene Shevitski

Arthur Lander and Anne Calof

Ashley Johnson

Ashley Jones

Ashwill Investments

Atul Joshi

Audrey Moy

Ayco Charitable Foundation

Barbara and Ken McMurray

Barbara Fowlkers

Barbara Hillman

Barry and Madeline Cohen

Beach City Mopeds & Scooters

Beau and Brandee Bianchi

Bell Family Trust

Blue Water Escrow

BNA Design

Bob and Connie Sanchis

Bob and Karen Gilbert

Bob and Tracy Vanevery

Bob and Vicky Borthwick

Brad Trinkwon

Bradstreet Smith

Brain and Nani Doner

Brent and Diane Liljestrom

Brett and Terri LeBarts

Brett and Tori Burge

Brian and Mary Jones

Brian and Michelle Proctor

Brian and Nadene Wisely

Bridget Hallman

Brigitte Gilchrist

Bruce and Carrie Fladeboe

Burge Corporation

Burnell Felker

Butch and Eileen Chadick

C.C. and Heather Colburn

California Community Foundation

Calvin and Karen Nelson

Carl and Mary Jo Winefordner

Carol Morrison

Carrie Click

Carrie Hummel

Carrie Riess

CC Fisher and Abby Loveh

Chad and Aimee Barron

Chelsea Cavigli

Chelsea Otto

Cherie Dowid

Cherry and Alex Dickinson

Chip and Carol Harrell

Chris and Kendall Clark

Chris and Shannon Depierro

Christine Fugate

Christopher Moore

Christy Koperek

Chrystal Denning

Chuck and Stephanie V. Prince

Chuck and Terri Benson

Cindy Day

Cindy Powlaski

CJ and Kesena Muench

Clara Morningstar

Claudia Cameron

Clifford and Jennifer Cheng

Coby and Janelle Naess

Compete Sports Performance and Rehab

Connie Bucio Hernandez

Cox Charities

Craig and Dorothy Chan

CRC Marketing Payments CCD

Cypress SkinCare

Dan Martin

Daniel and Erika Lovelady

Daniel and Marla Hodes

Daniel Bibb, Jr.

Daniel Fine Art

Danielle Purcell

Dave and Shari Wensley

Dave and Shelly Carter

Dave Dyssegard

Dave Lichtenwaller

David and Adrienne Adelman

David and Joni Loechner

David and Keri Rubel

David and Michelle Fortezzo

David and Paula Ansara Wilhelm

David Brown and Jackie McKaye

David Cler and Linda Grossman

David Duttenhofer

David Koffs

David Newman

David Stone

Dawn Franz

Dawnson Cole Fine Art

Debbie Bushaw

Debbie Wulff

Debra Olson

Dennis and Carol Berryman

Dennis Carruth

Dennis McMurray

Derek Oatway

Diane and Peter Riegler

Diane Stellar

Dianne Allen

Dick and Carol Maxwell

Don and Terri Milder

Donald and Jennifer Lawler

Donald and Jette Laws

Donald Pfaff

Donna Meier

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Brower

Dr. Dave Norton, DDS

Dr. Jane McMahon

Dr. Mark Judy

Dr. Peter Kimball Orthodontics

Dr. Tom Meyer

Duttenhofer Advisor Group

Dwayne and Diane Ealy

Dwight and Holly Robinson

Ebell Club of Laguna Beach

Ed and Juanita Slymen

Edmond Liou and Shirley Show-Wing Wu

Edward and Annette Gonzales

Edward and Cathy Fry

Edward Quinn

Elaine and John Pong

Elissa Elkin

Elizabeth and Tim Black

Elizabeth Gapp

Elizabeth Garcia

Elizabeth Hanauer

Elizabeth Hodge

Elizabeth Phillips

Elizabeth Smith


Eric Jesson

Esther Cervantes

Even Ellis

Everett and Mary Blanton

Firebrand Media, LLC

Fran Klovstad

Frances Casseli

Frank Boudreaux

Frank Glockner

Frank Joseph

Fred and Cathleen Vickers

Fred and Jennifer Faber

Fritz Hitchcock

G Felker

Gail Hagluna

Ganahl Lumber - Anaheim

Gap Foundation Gift Match Program

Garrett and Linda Pack

Gary and Catherine Daichendt

Gary and Kelly Bridge

Gary Cogorno

Gay Sutherland

Genny Boccardo-Dubey

George and Deidre Sines

George and Sharon Orff

George F.J. Hill Insurance Agency, Inc.

Ginger Weston

Glenda Hoffman and Michael Cappolino

Gloria and Mark Fine

Gloria and Mark Fine Family Foundation

Golden West Moving, Inc.

Gordon Macleod

Gorjana & Griffin, Inc.

Greg and Liane Mech

Greg and Samantha Washer


Hamid Alhakeen

Hank and Kim Weeks

Harry and Kimberly Woloson

Harry and Sue Bithell

Harry Berberian

Harry F Larson

Harvest to Harvest

Hayley McLellan

Heather and Ryan Carter

Heather Hauson

Hiangkie Han

Hilary Caston

Howard and Nancy Pink

i2i Optometry

IC The Sea Properties, LLC

Inge Goericke Bunn

Irene Caffon-Gilbert

ISU Dunlap Insurance, LLC.

Jack and Bolette Albertsen-Gabus

Jackson and Judy Moses

James May

James Roy

James Schwegman

Jamie Bazar

Jane Golden

Jane L. Frederick, M.D., Inc.

Jane Lester

Jane Valentine

Janet and Bill Willson

Janet Herkelrath

Janet Taylor and Bettina Brown

Janice Johnson

Jason Gupta

Javier's Cantina

Jay and Cynthia Frerking

Jay and Gertrud Andrus

Jayna Guest

Jeannette and Jay Wertheim

Jeff and Cindy Newman-Jacobs

Jeff and Gayden Tiss

Jeff Benedick and Duane Vajgrt

Jeffrey Loge

Jennie Witzoskezek

Jennifer and Joe John Duran

Jennifer Heil

Jennifer Merritt

Jenny Nelson

Jerry and Renee Hornbeak

Jesse Brossa

Jessie Duyette

Jill Paul

Jill Tupper

Jillian Braverman

Jim and Carolyn Lyons

Jim and Cindy Fletcher

Jim and Dee Perry

Jim and Diane Rosenberg

Jim and Janet Segner

Jim and Lorraine Marks

Jim and Sandy Sieg

Jim and Shelia Gonzales

Jim Blackburn

Jim Dailey

Jim Gardner

Jim Smith

Jim Tynan

Joe and Tracey Ramirez

Joe Cockrell

Joe Tomkinson

John and Al McLean

John and Carole Reynolds

John and Kerry Trevino

John and Leslie Sherman

John and Linda Dorr

John and Lisa Mansour

John and Rosalie Irish

John and Susan Reese

John and Tami Burns

John and Terry Hustwick

John Flat

John Schaefer

Johnathan and Cecily Ginger

Jolene Fuentes

Jon and Lisa Margolis

Jon Pugh

Joni D'Amato

Joseph Gelber

Joseph Sands

Josh and Peggy Wolff

Josh Meador

Julie and Dan Hile

Julie and Tom Bailey

Julie Held

Julie Laughton

Julie McCoy

Just Give

Karen McCulley

Kari Lynn Hope

Kari Williams

Kasey and Brian Fahey

Kate Hayes

Katherine Burdick

Kathleen Gabel

Kathleen Schaefer

Kathryn Langston

Kathy and Cliff Anderson

Kathy and John Marconi

Kathy Holl

Kathy Swannie

Kathy Vick

Katie Singer

Katy Eravci

Kay Jones

Kay Ostensen

Keith Matassa and Theresa Conte

Kelly and Jim Mazzo

Kelly and Will Boyd

Kelly Mortensen

Kemp Richardson

Ken Solky

Ken Williams

Kendall Mosley

Kenneth and Ann Harris

Kenneth and Jan Kaplan

Kent Russell

Kerry Hankins

Kerry Morsey

Kevin and Carrie Condon

Kevin and Lisa McDennon

Kevin and Michelle Struss

Kevin and Rita Carey

Kevin and Verna Kenamori

Kevin Mundt and David Thomas

Kia Mortazavi

Kimberly Andrade

Kimberly Rief

Kit Curci

Knepper Law Firm

Kona Ice

Krista Arellano

Kristen Hormuth

Kristin Bunn

Kristine Stewart

Laguna Beach Animal Hospital

Laguna Beach Little League

Laguna Beach Tote Company

Laguna College of Art & Design

Lanae Dahl

Lance and Anne Hall

Lani Quarmby

Larry and Julie Pendleton

Larry and Terri Mear

Larry Kolsky

Larry McLane

Laura Buckle

Laura Dinoia

Laura Lambert

Laura Parisi

Laura Wellman

Lauren and Neil Verni

Laurie Allen

Laurie Alter

Lauryl Sabaroff

Lawrence and Anne Folks

Lawson Mead

Ledeen Hangen

Leif Hanson

Lelia Crevier

Lena Loha

Les Jenison

Lester Savit

Libby Shackford

Linda Barker

Linda Mayer and Edward Merrilees

Linda Royer

Linda Supowitz

Lindsey Lanni

Lois Howard

Lori Kahn

Lou and Laura Rohl

Luke Scolastico

Lynee Suzanski

Lynn and Basil Shardlow

Lynn and Bill Weisner

Lynn H. Weidner

M. Leslie Pribram

Maddie Schotl

Madeline Whiteman

Mara and Ron Paul

Marc and Lisa Van Alphen

Margaret Hutchinson and Randy Trost

Margery Jenican

Marguerita Edep

Maria Hainey

Maria Reichel

Mariah Lee

Mariners Escrow

Marion and David Duffy

Marion and Ron Lucero

Mark A. and Joyce Simon

Mark and Chris Johnson

Mark and Heidi Draper

Mark and Joyce Simon

Mark and Melanie Rogers

Mark and Sharon Jillson

Mark Petrick

Mark Tinyo

Marshall and Joyce Linn

Mary Ann King

Mary Church

Mary Coleman

Mary Cox

Mary Grillo

Mary Judy

Mary Milner

Mary Scifres

Mary Sigler

Maryellen Moran

Masson Family Foundation

Matt and Patty Quilter

Matt Morsey

Maureen Barrett

Maya Rasic

Meghan and Louis Weil

Meghan Sickner

Mel and Mim Schantz

Melinda Masson

Melissa Brunicardi

Melissa Margaretis

Merrill Lynch-Bank of America Corporation

Michael and Becky Gillett

Michael and Cassandra Calkins

Michael and Hilary Gilles

Michael and Suzanne Tague

Michael Bryne

Michael Caruso

Michael Cummings, M.D.

Michael Mccabe

Michael Pinto

Michele Carpenter

Michelle Mitchell

Michelle Scarcelli

Mike and Ellen Mahoney

Mike and Katie Holahan

Mike and Nancy Brown

Mike Brown

Mike Browne

Mike Rakestraw and Susan Benner

Mike Roberts

Molly Coghill

Molly Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Appel

Mr. James Irvine

Ms. Mary Rubenstein

Muriel Scharf

Nancy Bushnell

Nancy Clark

Nancy Farrand

Nancy Miller

Natalie Lisk

Natashia Espada

Nate Rosenberg and Karen Huber

National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation

Nations Capital

Neil and Carol Olson

New York Life Ins. Co.

Nick and Kristi Cancellieri

Nicole Smith

Noel Johnson

Noel Teichman

Noele and George Miller

Noma Bates

Nordstrom Store #330 - Irvine

Noreen Goodman

Norman and Janet Borucki

Obrand Law Group

OC Generations V

Oksana and Mariah Vovk

Omer and Louellen Long

Orange County United Way

Pacelli Living Trust

Pacific Life Insurance Company

Pamela Knudsen

Panasonic Avionics Corporations

Parisa Zarbafian

Pat and Edie Carroll

Patricia Anderson

Patricia Short

Patrick Lehman

Patrick Pollock

Patrick Vos

Paul and Janice Styer

Paul Brinkman

Paul Lunsford

Paul Steinberg

Penelope and Serge Panczuk

Pete and Linda Snetsinger

Peter and Deborah Finnerty

Peter and Gina Hoffman Schenitzki

Peter and Ginger Borella

Peter and Marta Herzog

Phil and Patti Compton

Phillip and Christine Devarenne, Jr.

Phillip Caruso

Phillip Doolittle

Pieman and Katherine Amoukhteh

PIMCO Foundation

Pinnacle West Capital Corporation

Precision Hospitality & Development, LLC

Raquel Martinez

Ray and Jane Newfeld

Raymond and Jen Wong

Raymond Briggs

Rebecca Sumrow

Related California

Remy Williamsons

Renee Cassaniti

Rev. Patty Truman

Revco Solar Engineering Inc.

RGH Financial Insurance Services

Richard and Helen Wilson

Richard and Karen Goddard

Richard and Lauren Packard

Richard and Penni Alarcon

Richard and Teresa Hamm

Richard Cordova

Richard Kaneb

Richard Leger

Richard Vogel

Richmont Corporation

Rick and Kathy Shoemaker

Rick and Lynn Cirelli

Rick and Sue Russell

Rick Talt

Robert and Carole Chickering

Robert and Christine Buck

Robert and Frances Bridenbecker

Robert and GeGe Escalante

Robert and Kelly Smith

Robert and Krista Shaw

Robert and Leslie Briggs

Robert Edward Gardinier

Robert Gino

Robert Hays

Robert Patillo

Roberta Margolis

Robin Hall

Rocio Chavez

Rodney and Josette Hatter

Roger and Eileen Ohanesian

Roger and Lynnette France

Ron and Elizabeth Burg

Ron Myers

Ronny Gim

Rosalie Nash Chapman

Ruth and Regis Dugue

Ryan Walker

S.S. Welton

Sally and Jay Cohen

Salon 828

Sam and Janet Gupta

Samantha Johnson

Sandi Genovese

Sandpiper Lounge

Sandy Vogel

Sara Hornbuckle

Sarah McCartan

Sarah Ritterhoff

Scott Herzog

Sean Mahoney

Seaside Soles

Shannon Porter

Sharael Kolberg

Shaun and Julie Saville

Sheila Harris

Shelly Bennecke

Sherine Smith

Sherry Montgomery

Shienlin Saber

Sidney Mendelsohn, Jr.

Skip Torrance

Snyder's Cleaners

Stacey Craven

Stacey DeBrayne

Stacey Johnson

Stacey Yahraus Lewis

Staci and Tim Bina

Stacy Colledge

Stacy Higashi

State Farm Insurance Companies

Stefanie Williams-Goldberg

Stephanie Helfer

Stephanie Rounaghi

Stephen Barrett

Stephen Bentley

Stephen McGuirk

Steve and Wendy Brown

Steven Jaffee

Steven Sanders

Strategic Access Solutions LTD

Structures - A Consulting Company, Inc.

Sue and Paul Lowden

Surterre Properties, Inc.

Susan Frosell

Susan Neely

Suzette Cruz

Suzette Limpscomb

Suzette Lipscomb

Suzy and Dan McInerny

Sydney and Julie Winter

Tamara Farrar

Taylor and Jill Philsbury

Ted and Linda Fouts

Teddy and Emily Greenspan

Terry Klein

The Cheryl B Mahru Family Trust

The Escrow Source

The Laguna Playhouse

The Mazzo Group - Summit Funding

The Petersen Family Foundation

The Roberta Freeman Cox Charitable Foundation

Therese Conte

Therese Degroot

Thomas and Cheryl Callahan

Thomas and Jill Keating

Thomas Hinmon and Diana Cimino

Tiffany Martino

Tim and Debbie McMullen

Tim and Lea Vermilya

Tim and Lyn Carlyle

Timothy and Therese Hayes

Tina and Cap Hartman

Tina and Dave Tiezzi

Tom and Allison Motherway

Tom and Sally McKenna

Tomijo and Mike Fink

Tony and Judy Richman

Tony and Maria Palma

Tracey Thompson and Joe Ramirez

Tracy Ann Wood

Travis and Marisa Fader

United Capital Financial Advisers LLC

United Way of Greater Los Angeles

Vanessa Schwartz

Vaughn and Lynn Eldstrom

Verde, LLC

Veronica Nice

Vikki Murphy

Vincente and Susan Mas

Virginia Templeton

Vista Communities

Walter and Judy Metez

Wayne and Patricia Cody

Wells Fargo Dealer Services

Wende Ludas

Wendy Dilda

William and Barbara Guettler

William and Candace Rollins

William and Irmagaard Waltz

William and Mary Lynn Coffee

William and Tina Dolan

Wilson and Jessica Wong

Women's Club of Laguna Beach

Wonda Wells

Xiomara Harris

Zero Defects



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