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Board Member: Milt Naylor

Milt has gone way beyond the call of duty to take our marketing campaign to higher levels. His contribution to our Annual Drive allowed us to send very high-quality mail-outs to the community. We’ve been able to get the word out about the Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach in a big way thanks to him. We appreciate his huge contributions to our marketing efforts. Thanks, Milt!

Corporate: Cox Cares Team

Cox Cares Team

Members: Richard Platts, Paul Laos, Barry Bates, Debbi Borroel, Chris Bondiek, Edwar Fajardo, Michael Clarson, Francisco Aguilar, Andrew Pirus, John Jamack, Florante Escobar, Meredith Whitt, Helen Harrington, Michael Ford.


The Cox Cares team did a stunning job of enhancing our summer carnival. Half of the group stood in the gym for hours and manned game stations so that the kids could do ring tosses, apple-bobbing, archery, bowling, and other fun activities to win prizes. Others prepared snacks and goodies at the food bar for hundreds of kids. Several more people created a phenomenal STEM-based rocket launching station. They helped kids create aerodynamic rockets out of paper, place the fins and tip correctly, and fire them from the air-powered launcher. This delighted the children very much! Nothing can match the kids’ expressions as the rocket they just hand-made was blasted 40 feet in to the air. Some kids went through the line many times, and built several shapes of rockets to test different designs. We are so grateful to the Cox Cares team for coming out on a hot summer day to make the carnival as fun, exciting, and memorable as possible! If that wasn’t enough, they also made a donation to the Club to support the programs. Thank you, Cox Cares!

Board Member: Paula Hornbuckle-Arnold

Paula Hornbuckle-Arnold

Paula has been an inspiring and energetic leader as Chair of Girls Night Out and the Annual Giving Gala. She has generated donations and business partnerships to support the Club and chaired events that brought in over $2 million. She gives her time generously to Club and Gala business, regularly volunteering over 20 hours per week. Paula introduced our Youth of the Year at speaking events and champions expansion of the Spot to give teens a positive place to spend time during their most at-risk time after school.


Paula has worked hard for the Club for over 8 years now, leading many of our biggest events. One big contribution is her service on the Board, where she lends her skills and experiences directing the Club on a big scale. She has attended the Annenburg Alchemy program to increase her abilities, blazed the trail as our first female Board President. She solidifies our community connections through such events as the Community Breakfast, showing appreciation to all the Club’s supporters.


Phyllis Phillips

Board Member: Phyllis Phillips

Phyllis is the President of the Board for the Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach. She attends every Board meeting, fundraising events, as well as program events. In her efforts to help the Board of Directors embrace stewardship, she makes the Club ever more efficient. We are lucky to have her serve as our current President of Development.


Since 2009 Phyllis has given her time to assist the Club in our mission to develop youth during the most critical, at-risk part of the day after school and during summer. Her unwavering support and expertise in conservation of resources has allowed us to serve the community better more effectively every year. Besides appearing at all Club functions she has also kindly hosted recognition events in her home. She has done a great deal for our Club and all its members and staff, for which we would like to thank her greatly.

Gila Wdowinski

Gila Wdowinski

Gila has volunteered at the Club for 8 years, coming every week to teach kids how to read. She invests in their futures and delights in seeing them succeed. She gives many hours to helping our members and it shows in their improvements in academics, empathy, and affinity for learning. The ability to read is one of the key elements to child development, so we can’t thank her enough for tutoring that subject. In true mentor form, she also helps members with other subjects when needed. Thank you Gila!

Volunteer Recognition

Highlights of Some of Our Volunteers:

Art Spaulding

Art Spaulding

Art does a ton of pro bono work for the Club, and is a huge resource for all things legal. He uses his attorney knowledge to help the Club, and recently revised the Club bylaws. He has put a lot of effort into getting a place for the teen center as well. He always supports our fundraising events, and gets auction items to help us raise money. He advocates for the Club wherever he goes, and is a fantastic representative of our values and goals. Even though he moved to San Francisco, he still helps the Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach, comes to Board meetings, and stays very active in helping our mission.

Board Member: Kirk Reidinger

Kirk is the treasurer for the Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach. Besides attending all the Board of Directors and Executive Committee meetings, he comes to the Club monthly to discuss finance reports. He reviews the reports to see what they say about the organization's financial health, and how to maximize all Club resources to benefit the kids the most. Since it is crucial to use every dollar to the fullest, we appreciate his work very much.

Kirk Reidinger