Safety Update

Safety Update
March 12, 2020 bgclb

Dear Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach Club Family:


The safety of our children is our top priority. 

As you know, we are currently in an environment with lots of unknown factors and rapidly developing situations.


Our Leadership Team is in communication with LBUSD, LBPD, and many other resources so we can stay up to date as this evolves.


We are exploring possible options to minimize any impact on our children as well as finding the resources we expect to need as we weather this storm.


Because the situation is so fluid, we will need to be as well in our responses.

Please know even though we may not have all the answers right now, we will keep you up to date as more information comes in and plans are developed.


Also, please remember the following when talking to young people about the illness:

  • Don’t be afraid to talk about Coronavirus
  • Be developmentally appropriate
  • Take your cues from the child
  • Deal with your own anxiety
  • Be reassuring
  • Focus on what we’re doing to stay safe
  • Stick to routine
  • Keep talking

Here is some information on how to discuss the Coronavirus with your children