Monthly Giving

Helping Young People Thrive

You can change the life of a child by making a monthly gift today!
Your donation makes it possible to provide children with a safe environment where they can play, learn, and grow together.  
A monthly gift of $21 can do so much!
      • Provide 4 tutoring sessions
      • Basketball skills class for 12 Club members
      • Provide daily breakfast and snacks for 5 preschool children
      • And much more! 
Your gift not only provides the above but is underwriting self-esteem, confidence and a brighter future for every child who passes through our door.
Thank you for caring and giving! 

Help enrich a life of a Club member like Deby!

Deby was Canyon Enrichment Center’s 2020 Youth of the Year. She loves DIY STEM in Ed Tech as well as singing and dancing. Her favorite activity so far was participating in Cheerleading!
Deby is just one example of a Club member that your monthly gift will help thrive.